Showroom Quality

Looking for a creative and professional way to present your motorcycle or your classic car? Wranglers Art in Motion is what you need to get the job done right. Due to a strong passion for the best custom paint work in addition to award winning airbrush paint, we can customize your ride with a whole set of cool features like airbag suspension, metal fabrication, custom motorcycle fenders with different style variations, which allow you to create your own unique look. And of course Wranglers Art in Motion is customer focused since the majority of our business is pure word of mouth.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Restorations & Restomods

Restorations and paint jobs can very in price dramatically. Prices depend on and reflect your personal desires of the end product. We strive to meet your needs and take in to account any budget you may have to work with you.

Amazing Airbrush Work

No matter what you ride, drive, or carry...Harley-Davidson, Honda, Ironhorse, Yamaha, Kawasaki, car, bicycle, phone or anything you want to look its best. Our work will blow you away.

Color Variation

4 facts to consider when changing car paint. If you want create a new look for your vehicle, then changing the car paint color can help you do just that. The amount of work really pays off on the finished project.

Custom Painting

If it's custom paint you're looking for, we do complete street bike paint jobs and customs, as well as Harley Davidsons, Custom Harleys, race bikes, race replicas, and track day paint jobs all at very affordable prices.